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The Chuckle Factory team aim to provide a fresh and personalised style of Specialist Mental Health Care including psychiatric assessment, ongoing management, support and psychotherapy. We are focused on providing excellent care to children, adolescents, young adults and their families. We are mildly allergic to clinics and offices, instead offering home-based care to maximise comfort, engagement and family involvement.

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If you think the Chuckle Factory values and approach might fit with your own, we would love to connect and see if we can add some value to your health and wellness journey.

Contact Info :

Phone Number: 021 741 329

Smith Family

"Vernon goes above and beyond to support kids, teens and parents figure out tough situations. Navigating the world can be a challenge as a neurodiverse kid and teen. Vernon has walked beside our kids and family- from initial diagnosis in childhood, through to young adulthood and beyond.
His rapport with kids and teens is incredible. He offers support, positivity, and an array of strategies to consider. Vernon is highly skilled in his profession, with great warmth and a sense of humour. Vernon saves lives."


“Thank you so much! We are so happy and grateful for the help we have received from you guys, I'm so glad we found Dr Vernon, just with his report it's helped with the school and other support systems and have noticed a positive difference in Sam in just the few days of taking the medication.”

Michelle and John

“When we first contacted Vernon, we were desperate; our son David's anxiety and OCD was all consuming and totally debilitating, controlling us all. We were literally a family in crisis. Vernon slowly and steadily gained David's trust. He built rapport by listening, respecting David's intelligence and feelings and through a shared sense of humour. At the same time, Vernon gently challenged David to overcome his anxieties and gave us the tools and support to help our son. It's a long way up from rock bottom, but we are all well on our way to having our lives back.”


“I want to whole heartedly thank you for both yours and Vernon’s help! Your manner and capability are uncommon in my experience. Thank you for your kindness. As a teenager who’s being expected to ‘bare her soul’ to a stranger, my child has, in the past, been very reluctant to speak freely with medical staff. Vernon very quickly allowed her to feel safe and respected, such that they could have an honest discussion.”

*While the above are actual client testimonials, names have been changed to protect our client’s privacy.

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