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The first signs of Chuckle Factory emerged in 2017 following the rupturing of DHB dreams and the anxiety/excitement of new beginnings. From 2017 – 2021, little Chuckie grew from the undernourished idea of supporting a few early adopter families, into a healthy and viable baby healthcare provider that was born into the business world in 2021.

Personalised mental healthcare that will make you smile.

Chuckle Factory is proud to be a unique and interesting health care program that stands out from the crowd with the hope of making you smile.

Get in touch.

If you think the Chuckle Factory values and approach might fit with your own, we would love to connect and see if we can add some value to your health and wellness journey.

Thank You!

Contact Info :

Phone Number: 021 741 329

Send us a message!
You can ask any questions you may have and receive further information about us and how we work to provide great healthcare with a smile.


We will provide you with a range of appointment options and send you information about our services along with requesting relevant information required to assist you.  Relevant mental health assessment tools are often included in this package. They need to be completed before appointments as they really help inform our understanding of your situation and how we can best support you. 


We will meet with you in person or via Telehealth for a comprehensive discussion that involves building a collaborative working relationship and trust, information gathering, assessment, coming to a shared understanding of what is going on, deciding on action points and recommendations for the future. 


You and you family doctor will receive a summary letter about our meeting. 
Follow up appointments are arranged as required/depending on the need.


What We Do

The Chuckle Factory team aim to provide a fresh and personalised style of Specialist Mental Health Care including psychiatric assessment, ongoing management, support and psychotherapy. We are focused on providing excellent care to children, adolescents, young adults and their families. We are mildly allergic to clinics and offices, instead offering home-based care to maximise comfort, engagement and family involvement.

Our Treatment Steps

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